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What Remains within Humans

In the Name of Allah

It is certain that when a human is made to believe in childhood that something is lucky or ominous, this belief will continue to exist until the child grows up. Such people will continue to refrain from what they used to find unlucky and will continue to cherish what they believed to be right. These qualities remain forever within people.
This is why religion advises that care should be taken for children to do the following from early childhood:
·         Get used to telling the truth and avoid lies and unpleasant behavior.
·         Become familiarized with religious customs and culture and be kept away from immoral cultures.
·         Be kept away from unpleasant and dreadful scenes and become acquainted with scenes filled with affection and love.
·         Keep them in touch with well-mannered people and away from ill-mannered ones.
·         Rejection of words which cause the child’s innocent heart to agitateand repetition of those which are calming.
·         When parents are in agreement they should show their feelings and if they are in disagreement, they should not reveal their feelings in front of their children.
Hence, the above and tens of otherhumanizing and dehumanizing forces are significant because some issues which were mistakenly introduced for the child to be favorable turn out to be a problem and severely damage his/her understanding. These characteristics continue to create continuous problems in the person as all these events are placed within the person’s existence and blood.
This is why it is said that, “the world of connection between a young child and his/her mother’s heart is the brightest world of humanization”.
With regard to the relation between our understanding and our body it should be stated that there are around 6 million red blood cells and around 8 thousand white blood cells in every mm3 of blood. While resting, 300 capillaries and while active 700 are open for preservation of trust. Bodily intelligence and understanding are hidden within these capillaries and if necessary, they become evident.
Attention should be paid to the fact that billions of cells are on a mission to transfer food (oxygen) to these active capillaries. These are the same capillaries which carry with them some faces as abominable and others as beautiful. If these agents,which are responsible for carrying oxygen, display the slightest degree of shortcoming in their acts, the entire mental life of the person is devastated.
There is a substance in the body called antidote which stops the effects of poisons in human bodies. Hence, capillaries which are parts of our existence carry pleasant or unpleasant feelings and if they face insecurity or impurity, the role of antidote created by the Power of God is such that it fights against possible unfavorable events.


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