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Disputes of targetsamong Hakims

In the Name of God

Why did not God create creatures from the beginning with perfection?
Many philosophers, Hakims, and Gnostics ask ifwhatever emerges in the universe is in its ultimate desirable level or its moving towards its end.
For responding to the question brought upin this article, we will study the view of Abu al-Abbas Iranshahri, who probably was the master of NāsirKhusraw. Iranshahriwho presents his views in his Festschrift(YadNameh)believes that the ultimate form of objects is desirable. He and his followers believe that which is farther away fromthe Creator’s destination should not emerge in the universe. Why did the Wise (Hakim) Creator not create that which is closer to its destination?
This subject shows that creatures should move gradually towards perfection.Why did not God create creatures with perfection from the beginning?Why did He give talent to primary particles to achieve perfectiongradually?If we want to give an example for Iranshahri’s words, we will say as we live in a house when it has reached its ultimate habitable capacity to live in; we eat food when we have an ultimatetendency; we create friendship when we are in the ultimate level of kindness; and humans go towards that which is in the ultimate level of presence.Therefore, humans also should be created in the ultimate level of perfection.
Researcher and divine philosopher, OstsdSeyyed Ali Mousavi, in response toIranshahri says, “If Almighty God granted absolute perfection to any creature, many particles of the universe might complain and yell asking whether they were not worthy to be createdperfect.
We should know that all perfections are in demand, not in hopelessness. The basis is expressing the essence and demands. If a creature desires something however it is silent, it will persecute both itself and the system of theworld. Thus, the illumination of perfection originates from demand and desire is hidden in the essence of whatever Almighty God has created and this demand isboth holy and becomes close to the target. A child has a kind of perfection at birth; in the age of youth he has another perfection, in old age he has another perfection, and in high scientific stages he has another perfection; all of them are perfected and beautiful.
According to Iranshahri’sview, if all creatures were to be created in perfection at the beginning of creation, this would be exactly the same as giving a PhD to an unaware person. This meansthat the creation of creatures in perfection is similar to giving an honorary doctorate to someone who does not deserve itand this kind of granting is absolute determinism which is totally unacceptable.
On the other hand, according to Iranshahri’squestion, is it possible that Almighty God created imperfection?For example, in this material world, when a defective human wants to reveal something, he tries to express the most beautiful aspectof himself. With this introduction, is it basically accepted that theAbsolute Hakim, Exalted Hakim and the wisest Hakim and the most beautiful of all beauties creates an imperfect creature?
God is absolutely in ultimate perfection and His action is not incomplete or imperfect. Whatever his favor andillumination isupon, should be beautiful and excellent, and certainly great.
Therefore, one more time, we expressiranshahri’s question.He says, “Is it not true that Almighty God likes that eachof His creatures reach perfection? Not only humans, but also trees, mountains, andreptilesshould be perfected. Therefore, why should He create His creature weak and imperfect to live for a while in this material world in order to reach perfection gradually?”
Divine philosopher,OstadSeyyed Ali Mousavi presents another answer and says, “What do you think is beauty and perfect?” We believe that whatever exists in this world is beautiful and illuminated. Mr. Iranshahri,if everyone is supposed to achieve perfection in the way you consider, as we said, it will be absolute determinism and we cannot accept absolute determinism.
Yes, Almighty God should present His power, favor, illumination, particles and attraction;He should make combinations, present desires, love, and enthusiasm which exist in the essence of each creature, but the greatness and glory of these particles is in exposing their inner hidden waves.
Derived from the series of research- based discussions of divine philosopher OstadSeyyed Ali Mousavi under teaching of Holy Surah Anam.


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