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Ostad Mousavi Publications

Ostad Mousavi Publications, related to

Quran and Itrat Cultural Institute, Hikmatun Safiah.



Hikmatun Safiah Institute was registered with official permit from Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and with supervision of researcher and divine philosopher, Ostad Seyyed Ali Mousavi in 2013. In line with activities of the institute, from October of the same year classes were held with scientific and research-based subjects. For information on details of class schedules, you may refer to the related menu.

In spite of publishing Ostad Mousavi’s books during previous years, after different courses and positive response by his students regarding presented subjects, the necessity for establishing an exclusive publishing company for printing Ostad Mousavi’s works with his name was felt. For this purpose, Ostad Mousavi Publications was officially registered on 23rd May, 2015. According to the Institute’s goals, printing Ostad Mousavi’s research-based, philosophical and Quranic interpretation works for introducing and propagating philosophical, theosophical and gnostic subjects is done in this Publications.