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Comprehending the Splendor of Wilayat (Part3)

In the Name of God
Comprehending the Splendor of Wilayat (Part3)
In previous articles it was stated:
According to Kepler’s third law, the fundamental elements are in scales and measures, not in names. In other words, what should be measured and followed is the axis which is fundamental. Others are not worthy, but that which has attraction and its speed should increase is the axis which is original.
We have Tawhid, Nabowat, Wilayat, Ismat. If Tawhid (Monotheism) is accompanied with Wilayat and Nabowat, it will be original. Nabowat without Wilayat is one-sided. If Ismat (infallibity) is accompanied with Wilayat, it will be excellent. However, humans should choose a principle that is in attraction and speed, the scale of which should be fundamental. This principle is the Wilayat of Ali ibn- Abitalib (AS) until our Maula, the Hidden Imam, Imam Mahdi (May Allah hasten his reappearance).
Nabowat without Wilayat is considered as oil splashed on thorn, and Tawhid without Wilayat is like a person who is thirsty and immerses his mouth in water but cannot drink water!!
Therefore, Kepler chose three things. He considered gravity from oval, speed from center, and scale from original. This triple scale happened in the moment that was called Ghadir Khom.
“Ghadir" is that which causes extreme thirst when one reaches it. When a person arrives at Ghadir, he becomes "Yinqat al-Hajjah", all of his needs will be destroyed by seeing Ghadir. 
 All of Tawhid, Prophecy, Isamat (infallibility), the basis of our Quran, and the basis of narrations end up in Ghadir which is the Wilayat of our Maula Ali ibn- Abitalib (AS). This means that all religious needs will be met by Wilayat of Ali (AS) and his progeny. For this reason, Almighty God on the day of  Eid al-Ghadir revealed the third verse of Sura al-Ma'ida to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) which says, “Today, I have perfected your religion for you, and I have completed My blessing upon you, and I have approved Islam as your religion.”
What is the origin of the attraction of Wilayat?
Kepler thought for hours until he understood that an unseen mystery exists within him! He was left amazed as to what the name of this mystery was.
At nighttime, a master who interested him told Kepler, “O Mr. Kepler! The secret of being and the secret of survival in the material world and Alam al Jabarut is love.”
All attractions originate from love.
Esteemed philosopher Ostad Mousavi says that “love” is worthy not “attraction”. An attraction which is without love is for showing off yourself. An attraction which is derived from “love” is worthy. Love is that which wants to sacrifice itself. Everything dies. For instance, science dies, characteristics die, freshness can sometimes die, desires may sometimes die, but what is always alive is "love".
O friend! Do you know what power and delight of a beloved is derived from? Do you know what a lover should benefit from? What keeps a lover alive?
We cannot say anything about love except a mystery and sign which is sent from beloved to lover.
That secret is the oath of the mystical behavior of the beloved. In other words, the oath of the mystical behavior of the beloved is the secret of love which affects the heart.
Understanding these facts is after freeing oneself from imperfect desires, falsehoods, corruption, and lust. Such a free person will be positioned in the world of goodness.
What is the world of Ehsan (goodness)? The world of Ehsan means a person becomes worthy to deserve to understand the facts. 
Ostad Mousavi says, “Be aware that nothing is given to anyone without hard work and effort. Unless one enters the world of Ehsan and travels along that path, he will not understand the real meaning of Wilayat.” 
Who can enter the world of Ehsan?
A person who fulfills his promises. People cannot enter this world except by being in the presence of an esteemed, gnostic, theosophist master for many years, a professor who has annihilated his own existence and with his wise words shows the student's existential angles to him in detail and gradually guides him to this realm. 
Therefore, a person after getting free from imperfect desires, precepts, restrictions, pride, etc., can enter the realm of Ehsan. Such a person can understand the facts and thereafter will be able to digest the secrets of God including the secret of Wilayat.
After receiving the true Wilayat, his love increases and is positioned in the attraction of Wilayat.  Thereafter, this person reaches the fence of Wilayat, which means when he looks up, down, to the right and left, he sees Ali (AS). Ali (AS) is he whose hands are in the hands of God, not Ali himself, no, the one whose hands, his arm, his expression, his logic is the logic and the statement of God.
A person who reaches the fence of Wilayat, wherever he looks he understands that Ali has one illumination, and that is the illumination of the infallible wise lady, Hazrat Fatemeh al-Zahra (SA).
These are the heart of the fence of Wilayat. 
Therefore, Imam Ali (AS) said, “I am the door which God has opened onto his servants.” This means that all the doors are closed expect for my servants. “No soul can move and no heart can breathe expect me. I am the person through whom Almighty God brought His servants to life. I give everyone livelihood and I create all beings.”
What does this mean? Could it be that Ali is God?
The answer is no. Ali (AS) is not God. Almighty God told Ali (AS), “O Ali! I will create whoever you want. My dear Ali, if you ask me, I will give them food (livelihood). This means that all foods in the world are created by the request of Ali (AS). All lives are requested by Ali (AS) and he himself is not directly the creator or food supplier.
This is called the fence of Wilayat which causes utmost peace and calm.
When Taha Hussein asked his German student, Carl Brockelmann to research about Ali (AS), he went and researched about Ali (AS) for seventeen years. When he came back, he arrived in the presence of his professor with 35 thousand pages about Ali (AS). When Taha Hussein was in the state of dying, he said several times, “He has not come; he has not come.” Suddenly, Brockelmann entered and said, “I have come.” 
Taha Hussein asked, “Did you write about Ali (As)?”
He answered, “Yes. I wrote 35 thousand pages about Ali (AS).”
Taha Hussein said, “Please, tell me verbally what you found about Ali (AS).”
Brockelmann Said, “Ali (AS) is above all!  When I looked up, I found one thing; when I looked in the middle, I found one thing; when I looked down, I found one thing.”
Taha Hussein asked, “What was it?”
Brockelmann answered, “When I looked up, I saw (A); when I looked in the middle, I saw “L”; when I looked down, I saw “I”. This means I understood that whatever exists in the world is Ali (AS).”
A reason from a narration:
When Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) ascended, he said:
I destroyed 70 thousand Hijabs (veils) and reached a place where Gabriel told me If I crossed as much as a thumbnail from there, I would burn instantly. I wondered what I should do. As I was standing astonished, I heard a voice say, “O Ahmad! Come closer to me, come closer to me. I went, but I couldn’t see anything. The voice called to me again to come close. This voice was so hearty because Almighty God called Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by the voice of Ali (AS). The voice called me a thousand times. I wondered and shouted. What should I do, Almighty God? Almighty God told me, ‘O Ahmad! Do you know why I brought you here to Qāba Qawsayn ‘Aw 'Adná (a distance of but two bow-lengths o nearer)’?
Prophet Muhammad asked God whether He had brought him there to show His glory. 
Almighty God said, “No. I have brought My glory here, but I want to show you another glory. Look at him.”
Prophet Muhammad said, “When I looked at the ground I saw that it was a glory that was looking at me and God. When I looked at the sky, I saw there was a magnificence looking at me and God. I looked at Al-Bayti Al-Ma`mūri and saw he was looking. I looked at everything, at glory, greatness, the heavens, the galaxies, the stars, at what was visible and invisible and I saw he was looking at me and God!
I said: I do not know him! Who is he that is looking at me, Almighty God?
I was thus addressed, “O Amad! He is your Ali.”
Almighty God spoke to Prophet Muhammad in Mi’raj (Ascent) through the voice of Ali (AS).
The Prophet (PBUH) asked God, “Was it the voice of my dear Ali (AS)?”
Almighty God answered, “I looked at different angles of your heart and I saw that the person you love the most is Ali (AS) and I spoke to you with the voice you like the most.”

Open the eye of the heart, to witness that which cannot be seen.

References: Commentary and explanation of the holy Surah Ankabut, Aayan Al-Shia, Kifayatul Usul, Volume Seven of Asfar, The Booklet of Love
Derived from series of researched-based discussions of Ostad Seyyed Ali Mousavi


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