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(Kant’s view about Omour-e- Zehni (mental affairs)

In the Name of God

(Kant’s view about Omour-e- Zehni (mental affairs)

One of the most controversial subjects in the philosophical sources is mental affair. Before, at the beginning of and after Islam when divine philosophers appeared, they discussed the principle of mental affairs and their ideas were sacred for themselves and Kant was one of them. In order to get to know Immanuel Kant, it should be said as follows:

Immanuel Kant was a German philosopher and has been considered one of the greatest philosophers in the world.

One of the scientists says, “Kant is like a mountain which is disintegrated in philosophy.”

He was strangely organized and taught, walked, and slept in a particular time. His philosophy was about theology, anthropology, physics, mechanic, mathematic.

He had different booklets. He said, “Religion is in the realm of theoretical intellect.”

He died at the age of eighty; what is inscribed on his grave stone is his words which is as follows:

“The starry heavens are above me and moral law within me.”

His first words in the philosophy were as bellow:

What can I know? What should I do? What may I hope?” these subjects were significant principles for him. All of these ups and downs sprang from his mental affair


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